Copeton Magic

  This month I drove north to Lake Copeton. This is a man made lake near Inverell in the New England region.  A dam, completed in 1976,  was thrown across the Gwydir River to impound water to meet the needs of the towns and agricultural activity west out onto the northern plains of this state.  [...]

The Loss of a Mother

My mother had an Irish heritage. She could tell a good yarn. My dear wife and I looked after mum for the last few years of her life. Like many people of our age we found ourselves with a mother increasingly frail, who would, when one would least have expected it, start to talk about [...]

“ This is the best sand dune study I have ever seen.”

People who know my work will know that I like deserts. I am attracted to them because of their aesthetics. I like the contour, the texture, the shape, and the form. I like the loneliness. The silence. The desert world is full of colour as it is life. I have been privileged to travel to [...]

Why do we have steps and stairs?

Stairs are a blight on the human condition…well, on those that do not have a strong body at least. When travelling or simply wandering aimlessly across the landscape here or abroad I seem to confront stairs everywhere. I never noticed them once.   Now, I have discovered that you cannot move without being required to [...]

You Must Have a Strategy

Many years ago I went on a photo safari with a group of people who claimed they were photographers. Our journey, to last eight weeks, commenced in Sydney and was to go to Darwin via Cameron’s Corner, up the Birdsville Track, along sundry, obscure scars on the landscape that were called roads, into Boulia, down [...]

“ I thought I heard a slap…”

  Monument Valley is a well-known physical and cultural landscape that straddles the border between Arizona and Utah. It is a centre of deep significance to the Navajo who occupy this area as part of the Navajo Nation lands of the south west of the USA. It is near the Four Corners region and about [...]

The Walls of Habana Vieja

Modern Habana is a city of paradox, of perplexing combinations of wealth and poverty, of the new and the raw and the old and decayed. It is a city of many smaller communities united by familial links, political allegiances, the presence of church and priest or the tribal loyalties to soccer, baseball and local boxing [...]

The Semana Santa Penitents

Each Holy Week in Europe there are special festivities to celebrate the passion and death of Christ – the essential Easter story. In Spain this religious holiday is the focus for a weeklong series of liturgical and communal ceremonial processions intended to honour, to celebrate Christian traditions. The processions attract many thousands of observers in [...]

The Muse

I have been privileged to specialize in the photography of the female form. This has been a central feature of my photographic, professional and family life.  There has been a succession of models. Most have come to my photography by word of mouth, or by access to a network of family friends.  Some drifted into [...]

The Windmills of Campo Criptana

Windmills play a prominent part in Spanish cultural traditions.  They were essentially made famous by Miguel Cervantes’ book about Don Quixote, a rather eccentric individual who wandered across La Mancha searching for and attempting to revive the age of chivalry. His lady love is Dulcinea del Toboso. Unfortunately she is not aware of Quixote’s affection [...]